Born in the wrong decade

Tatyana lives here
sailor scout(s)


it was so pretty I made my mom pull over so I could sit in it


This shot is literally gorgeous. It confuses the fuck out of me, that this doesn’t have more notes. This woman is flawless.

But I guess if she were of a lighter complexion with freckles…

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This tweet is so important to me

Words to live by

Anonymous asked: I adore your hair, can you make a video of your natural hair journey/growth? And any tips/ products that keep your hair growing and healthy?

I would but I don’t know how to do that and I have no time enough as it is 😩 if you have facetime I can tell you

Anonymous asked: What's the best way to eat pussy

You tell me nigga

•@Awol_Ent_ & #DCTV Presents•
•Spring 2014 Edition•
•🎤Hosted by @derrickmilano, @ItsMs1Life, @22Indii @CallHerPassion and #Awols very own @ladyytatyanaa & @PhatBootyChels🎤•
•🎧🎶Sounds By @DjConsistecy and the #AllStarDjs🎧🎶•
•Free Food and Drinks•
•👙Bikini contest 👙•

Sterling Central Apartments

12100 Sterling University Ln, Orlando, FL 32826

Anonymous asked: Do you watch anime? Is so what was your top 5?

I used to! I can’t remember the names

nickthedead asked: You are so gorgeous.

Thank you!

Anonymous asked: Do you wear make-up?

Yes most days

Anonymous asked: You're Beautiful 😏 Always Keep Ya Head Up 🙌

Thank you!