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dopest4ever said: Wow you're beautiful i never really have a thing for skinny girls but you oh lord but anyway you're pretty smooth and i like photos btw.

Thank you


Afro Punk Fest 2014

Commodore Barry Park

Photographed by Matthew Joseph forΒ EverybodyGotOne.

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one of my fav timer-selfie sets

In other news this dress I’m wearing today πŸ˜‹ #trynagrowsomebooty #foodneverdidnothinforme #igottahaveababy #whotrynagetmepregnant #justkiddingillwait

Would you believe me if I said that was me 3 years ago? I completely started from the bottom. No hair and all 😭 I decided to cut my permed hair (which was down my back) and go natural. So far the best decision of my life. Not only have I learned how to handle my hair from the root. But I’ve also went through the journey of finding out who I am as well. It’s hard to believe this year I’ll be 20 (even though everyone thinks I’m older for some reason) when 16 seemed like yesterday. Im blessed to be where I am now and grateful for everything I’ve gone through good and bad. I used to hate my appearance/body but I can say I love myself now and no one can can tell me shit. I’m here to hopefully be an inspiration to young girls to get closer to being theirselves and loving everything about them everyday regardless of people’s fucked up beauty standards for women πŸ’ž

ramenclub said: Are you hindu?

No I am not ☺️

Earlier before I did my make up, I’ve been running around all day 😩

Prom #TBT guess which one I am 😭