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Anonymous said: I ran away from the woman I love out of fear that it would be a repeat of my ex I never gave her a full chance bcuz I was too scared. I'm no longer scared and I can no longer run I love her entirely too much but she's so hurt, any advice for this situation ?

Leave her alone


Isn’t it fucked that one person, one soul can have you fucked up in the head. That you don’t even miss them but miss the you before them. The you before you knew pain

Anonymous said: what is the woman you're in love with like?

She used to be everything I could ever want now not so much but I still love her with the intensity of a thousand suns

Anonymous said: Is it okay to always text the girl first? .. especially if you're trying to pursue her?.. When is it like not okay.. should I find my chill?

You text her if you want to talk to her. If you don’t want to talk to her don’t text her. Simple.

Anonymous said: U in love

Yup wish I wasn’t

Anonymous said: Wait a minute! You don't have a car anymore?? Did it get impounded? Sorry to be in your business. Don't worry about anything; everything is going to fall in place for you before you know it.

It did and thank you

Anonymous said: whats your story to what you go through

That’s something I will never get into the detail of

kvngwizvrd said: ill be your chauffeur , ill be your sense of happiness, ill keep you stable, everything you need I got it

I wish the woman I was in love with would tell me that instead of complete strangers… But thank you for the kind gesture