Born in the wrong decade

Tatyana lives here
sailor scout(s)

Us earlier tonight πŸ™ˆ

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saigajenisis said: What makes you check out a blog initially?

Nothing unless someone tells me to actually look at their blog

kingjerell said: You're gorgeous

Thank you!

Anonymous said: Why'd you unfollow me


Anonymous said: what shampoo do you use? are you natural

I use Suave Naturals rosemary and mint & yes

Anonymous said: Are you taller than your girlfriend?


Anonymous said: Do your parents know you're gay?


Anonymous said: how do you get your hair so beautiful and long? whats your hair routine?

I just wash my hair like twice a week literally nothing special

shyheemprosper20 said: Hi ummmm kinda nervous to say this but I say a pic of you & saw a post where you said about your hairy arms,girl honestly you are mad gorgeous to me like really I would love for you to be my gf in life but that ain't happening but you're still sweet don't let anyone ok,hope you have a good day :)

Thank you so much ☺️